Monday, 3 January 2011

Into the new year ...

Hiya guys
Well I haven't exactly been the most active blogger around but with Christmas and a skiing holiday I've been just a tad too busy to make it to the computer. Having said that I did manage to make it to the shops this morning to pick up a bargain or two; one of which I HAVE to share with you because a) It was such a find (last one in the shop and ta-da ... MY SIZE) and b) They are simply GORGEOUS!

Found in River Island in the january sale these sparkly wonders had been reduced from £69.99 to £40.00 then even further to £20!!! I'd spotted them a few months back on RI's subscription email or in their shop window and thought they were amazing but I wasn't willing to pay the hefty price as I know River Island clothes can sometimes be quite poorly made and didn't want to risk these badboys falling apart. However, having survived the sale rail I'm thinking they'll last! I love the peacock palette used in the embellishment, it's one of my favourite combinations of colours - not too feminine and an alternative to naturals or black. Can't wait to team them with some killer heels and a floaty shirt for a night out with the girls!

Another recent purchase has been the Yves Saint Laurent "All For Eyes" kit from their travel selection containing the Touch Eclat highlighter and dark circle corrector in shade No 1 (slightly pink tone), the Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils for false eyelash effect in shade No 1 (Black) and finally the Haute Performance eye make-up remover. So yes, I've jumped on the Touch Eclat band wagon and have high hopes for this baby! Picked up at the duty-free in Lyon Airport, France, I couldn't wait to try it all out, so-much-so that I was dabbing and testing whilst flying above the clouds - I wouldn't recommend it, air stewards don't seem to be a fan of people applying mascara mid-flight. I only got back on Saturday night so I haven't really used it enough to make a fair judgement of the products but I can say straight away that there's been a vast improvement to my normal tired-eyes look!

This was a gift from my boyfriend's Mum and I have to admit - she has great taste! Naughty Alice is Vivienne Westwood's latest fragrance and it's pure luxury in a bottle. The main notes are violet, rose and musk; it's a very floral and powdery scent. It sounds a lot like what scents people often associate with their grandma's fragrance but believe me when I say it's very youthful and sexy, think of it as a rejuvenated and playful Chanel No 5. The ester content must be very high as with good quality fragrances the scent lasts for hours, I can still faintly smell it in the evening after being up all day. It also comes with a bracelet in the same gold and light turquoise colours of the packaging with the iconic orb on the pendant, top marks Viv!

In case you were wondering my Mum loved her goodie box, I never got round to taking a photo in the end sadly, I think I was just a bit caught up in the excitement of Christmas!

Skiing was great and it was lovely to spend time with the family and our friends but I'm hit a bit of a problem. I've been using my trusty piz buin mountain sun cream and lip salve all week and it's made me break out and the cold air has made my skin all dry. I've tried exfoliating more than often to get rid of the excess skin cells (gross) and then using my trusty aloe moisturising gel and Estee Lauder refinisher to moisturise my skin but nothing seems to be changing ... HELP! Can someone recommend any products that will clear me up quickly and keep my skin nice and soft???

Anyway, lets not end on a low note ... hoping everyone had a lovely time celebrating the new year and getting dressed up, I thought I'd share a photo of how I spent New Years Day on the slopes ... 

Helen Xx

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