Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Uni Project

Hey guys

So I've been seriously busy since my last post way back in January; gone back to uni, been house hunting and found a yummy house and I've FINALLY done all my exams and thought it's about bloody time I attempt another post on my blog. So here's a sneak peak what I've been up to ...
So you're probably thinking 'Why on earth has Helen covered a random girl in way too much blue pigment, made he look like some kind of spacewoman and taken a random photo?!?'. Well it was part of my course to take a photo portraying an emotion and we were told to stray away from using people but if we were going to then the had to be really different and bizarre. So I chose to portray cold-heartedness along with a frosty personality and came up with this bad boy. It was really good fun making-up my very willing and lovely flat mate Laura as I got to use so many lost and forgotten shadow palettes I wouldn't ordinarily use, I honestly didn't realise I had so many shades of blue! In the process I've dug out some old treasures which I'll look forward to using in the future, there's a certain 'Chili Pepper' palette I completely forgot I had and it's so rich and pigmented. Word of warning though, if anyone is thinking of sticking rhinestones to their eyebrows with Duo adhesive I'd change my mind quick. The gems looked brilliant but poor Laura's eyebrows were very sore afterwards, perhaps a bit of vaseline beforehand would've done the trick. All I've got to do now is wait for the class verdict on Friday morning and see what they make of it . . . fingers crossed!!!

I've also purchased a new set of make-up brushes which I'm absolutely IN LOVE WITH! And there's been a couple of other make-up and beauty buys along the way. Also I've begun to follow a few more blogs and here's some I think are a worthwhile read ... 

Ashley Madekwe played Bambi on Secret Diary of a Call Girl and she's now starring in a new tv series on Sky called Bedlam. All of the clothes she wears on her blog are to die for and she photographs so well so it's definitely worth taking a peak!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER TO BITS! Her Youtube channel is brilliant and she has a Vlog as well which is hilarious, and she's ALWAYS up-to-date and posts all the time. Fully recommending Fleurdeforce (and woof - you'll have to watch some of her videos to meet her pooch)!

So I finally found them! The ethereal Pixiwoo! I always hear people talking about them in their blogs and youtube videos but never got round to looking the twosome up and I've been hooked on their tutorials and blog posts ever since. Their tutorials are BY FAR some of the best out there, so-much-so that channel 4 (UK) enlisted them to produced a collection of videos for the channel 4 beauty section of their website (advertised on TV with Gok Wan frolicking around with lots of moany naked women ... hmph not impressed). But yes, I completely understand why they're so popular and they're just two absolutely gorgeous women who love are brilliant at making so many different looks.

Anyway guys, I'll put up some posts about my new purchases with some mini reviews, show you what I'm lusting  after in the shops and let you know how I get on on Friday. Much love!

Helen Xx

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